Version 6.0 has a wider screen and a digital clock which can be displayed or hidden. The clock is useful when using the Verifier as an SDI-12 data recorder. The wide screen allows long sensor responses to be displayed on a single line. Version 6.0 can test the maximum of 99 sensor measurements.


The Basic Command Test checks to see if a sensor responds correctly to each and every SDI-12 command.


You can transmit SDI-12 commands one at a time to see exactly how the sensor responds.


You can alter timing attributes to communicate with sensors that may not be in compliance with the SDI-12 standard.


You can manually transmit a break.


The Verifier executes a variety of tests on SDI-12 sensors.


Version 6.0 adds a test to show/test the ability of an SDI-12 data recorder recorder to issue retries correctly.


The comprehensive sensor tests automatically runs each sensor test and produces a test report.


The Verifier can monitor the SDI-12 bus, operate as an SDI-12 data recorder, simulate a sensor, and pass commands to a sensor in a transparent mode. These features help find and correct problems with SDI-12 devices.


The monitor mode shows all activity on the SDI-12 bus. The monitor mode also displays time stamps, which can be helpful. Sometimes, however, you may not want the time stamps. Version 6.0 lets you turn them off.


Version 6.0 supports four data formats when using the Verifier as an SDI-12 data recorder.


This image shows comma-separated-values (csv) when working as an SDI-12 data recorder.


This image shows the data recorder summary. It shows all data recorder activity at a glance.